How To Discover Your PERFECT Home Based Business – The Fifth Of Seven Keys – It Is E-Friendly

This is the fifth in a series of seven articles that tell you how to sift through all the home business opportunities you hear about every day, and find the PERFECT home based business for you.What makes an opportunity P.E.R.F.E.C.T.? In the first four articles in this series, we learned that the “P” in PERFECT stands for “Profitable”, that the first “E” in PERFECT means “Easy”, that the “R” stands for “Real”, and that the “F” means “Fits With Your Desired Lifestyle”.Key Number Five-
The second “E” in PERFECT stands for “E-Friendly”. The PERFECT home business will make heavy use of “online marketing”, and can be completely focused on it, using the internet and e-mail as a channel for direct marketing of your product or services. If you’ve ever wanted to make money on the internet, make sure your business is E-friendly for both marketing and product delivery.”E-Friendly” means:• Marketing can be conducted entirely on the internet and through e-mail.For purposes of this discussion, you want to make sure your home business can be operated using “online” internet and e-mail marketing methods. Up to 100% of your business may come from that marketing channel.However, you may not want to ignore “offline” direct marketing. In fact, for some products, it could be a mistake to focus only on internet marketing. I started out with classified advertising and small space ads in magazines and with post card mailings. But for now, focus on internet and e-mail marketing.• Products or services can be digitally delivered.The best of all worlds here is for customers to place their orders on the internet and for the product to be instantly delivered to them as a PDF, MP3, or other digital file. Your costs are extremely low for digital delivery and your customer gets instant gratification of their need by getting the product quickly.• Fits into a market or market niche where related key words are searched for often on the internet.If the key words related to your products are not searched for regularly on the internet, you will have lots of problems using the internet to market your products. The lack of related key word searches is one piece of evidence that there may not even be a market for your products.If there are many key word searches related to your product, it validates that there is a market for it. It is best if the key words imply the searcher has an intention to buy, rather than an intention to just gather information.So, the PERFECT Home Based Business must be E-FRIENDLY. And, it must be PROFITABLE, EASY, REAL, and must FIT WITH YOUR DESIRED LIFESTYLE.

Home Based Business: Why Such A High Failure Rate?

When most people set out to start a home based business online they are normally full of excitement joy and happiness, believing that pots of gold are just around the corner, whilst this may be true to a few, the majority of people just simply fail and there dreams are shattered and just give up, but why is the failure rate so high?After talking to many people who jumped into the home based business online opportunity, I asked them why they had given up, and the most common answer I got was, the internet is just a scam to take your money. I asked, explain why you think it’s all a scam. The answer was. You see all these websites, emails and so on claiming this will make you $10,000 a month or more working just a few hours a day from home, and when you join the business opportunity you find out that it’s not as easy as they claim.I have been running my own home based business now for over two years and I can understand how these people fill. When I first started out I had no knowledge at all of how these online business ventures were run. I like many others I saw all these claims make money online, quit your day job and so on, and yes I also joined up to some of these opportunities, and guess what, I nearly quit just like all the other people.So why did I stick at it? Well to be truthful I had a very good sponsor, no names but he is one of the top people on the internet today who really cares about the people who join his business opportunity. One of the things that he taught me was to ignore all of the emails and hype that arrive in my inbox and to concentrate on learning one thing at a time, become an expert at it, then when I was ready to move on to the next thing and so on.What I found when I started out in my home based business was, that I was being overloaded with information, so much of it that in the end I did not know what I was doing other than just buying into the so called next big thing that would make me loads of money. I was not concentrating on building my business, I was just believing all the hype. Thus my business and my excitement was just going down the panOne of the first things my sponsor told me to do was to set up a WordPress blog and a landing page with an opt-in box so I could collect my visitors name and email address. Next was to learn how to get traffic to my websites, there are many traffic strategies to use but I had to learn just one to start with, become an expert at it then move on to the next one.What I now know is that if my sponsor had not took hold of me and shown me the ropes so to speak in my home based business I would not be here now, I would be just another statistic of the high failure rate that is in our business.Coaching is a very important part of any home based business, without learning the basics, then the chance are the business will fail. You only need to learn the basics to get started. Once started you can carry on learning all of the many strategies out there to build your home based business

How To Start A Home-Based Business – 5 Steps To Make It Happen

Whether you are considering starting your own home-based business for the goal of bringing in a few extra dollars every week or you want to be earning six-figures within the next year, you can achieve these goals with the right dedication and the right tools to get it done the right way. If you want to start something that will last for years to come, then you have to go into it with the attitude that you will stick with it no matter what happens and that you will dedicate yourself to being ethical and delivering only great quality products and services to your customers.

With that said, you really can earn a full-time income or more from the comfort of your own home, and while it may seem like a difficult endeavor, it is actually simple to start and build a successful home-based business. If you are ready to take action, you can use the following five steps as a starting point to building a great work-from-home business.

The five steps to get yourself started include:

1. Sell the right products for maximum benefits

A great way to start is with a few lower-priced items, and the best way to scale your business is to develop more products that are sold at a much higher price. While you may be wondering what to sell and where to get your products, you should realize that the best way to make a lot of money is to sell your own products. It is so simple to create information products from home, meaning an ebook, an audio course, or even a video course can be made quite easily and can be sold from anywhere between $20 to $1000′s. If you are serious about making real money from the comfort of your own home, I encourage you to strongly consider going this route.

2. Get a website

Setting up a website has never been easier and the cost is so low that no matter what your budget, you can afford it. And the best thing is that setting things up is so simple and straightforward that you don’t really need to have any experience or expertise to get things up and running.

3. Start building a customer list

The best way to make money is to develop a customer base. When you start doing business from home, it is important to collect the names and email addresses of anyone who shows interest in your business, both online and offline.

4. Create plenty of good stuff to give away

You will have to provide potential customers with something they can use to gauge your expertise. If you were to write an ebook, then a good idea would be to take out a chapter and give it away as a teaser, so that your customers could see what you have to offer, increasing the likelihood of making more money.

5. Find a mentor

Find someone who has already built a successful home-based business and get some advice from them. This can help you avoid common mistakes, help you move forward faster, and help you achieve better results in less time.